Web Site Marketing/SEO EXTREME

Extreme Optimization

  1. Review all pertinent information with the objective of optimizing your web site for your users and search engines, given consideration for your Google and Physical competitors. This is generally referred to as a baseline SEO review.
  2. Review appropriate public data on competitive web sites to assist in determining the public content for your web site, its positioning and required collaterals. Review of your existing content and advise if we need associated collaterals (photos, specs etc.) that only you would have.
  3. Author all Title and Page description tags for the Content included (including image alt tags)
Kick it up a notch
  • Provide Search engine optimization editing on any prime text we consider required for inclusion in the web site.
  • We will author 3 BLOG articles (or equivalent web page content) based on the top 5 search terms as approved by you, following our research. Additionally we will provide summaries that can be publish on Facebook and Google+ in such a manner that Google does not consider it duplicate text.
  • We will craft and publish ad words to run over a period of 3 -4 weeks (value $125.00). This provides us with further analytical data, to assist us in maximizing your organic search results.
  • Review referral sites to ensure that they are accurate as to company name, address and phone number (citations) and report anything that only you can have changed.
  • Review your Social media strategy as a collateral objective to your business plan. (New writing included in item 5). Consider inclusion of a You tube channel, Google’s other “search engine”
  • We will add all requisite micro data as to location, business type etc. to enable Google to have the best understanding of your business.
  • Review and update/ create your Google my business listing. Bing and Yahoo & Yelp registrations.
  • We will review the results of the implemented work after 45 - 60 days and provide tweaking as appropriate.

What You Do

Your active involvement should be limited to your approval of the following:

  • Assistance in confirming targeted search terms.
  • Approval of any test copy we may employ in new and existing pages.
  • Approval of any permanent content pages we may recommend.
Extreme Optimization is a one-time fee of $1,699.00