Turnkey Ecommerce Solution

Yes! It is finally possible to take deposits on your whole goods right from your website! This is an industry first and we are proud to partner with you to convert your website to another profit center. Clear out your dead stock and sell parts and accessories online 24/7! Todays consumer expects to shop on their terms and enabling Ecommerce on your website will ensure your not loosing business to someone else out of convenience! Capture the buyer who has been looking for that specific color make and model by allowing them to put a deposit on it! They feel confident that they have secured the unit and your sales reps will be happy to call and finalize the deal. This product is broken down into two categories, Whole Goods and Parts and Accessories, below is how they individually function.

Whole Goods

These are your new and used inventories! These can be integrated using Turnkey DMS Integration We recommend only putting deposit on these items however the option is yours. A consumer would place a deposit online and they would receive an email notifying them that the specific unit had been reserved for them and they have 24 hours “or whatever is best for your dealership” to contact the dealer and finalize the sale. The inventory will also be reflected online as having a deposit on it giving the consumer another confirmation that they have reserved it and also showing potential buyers that your inventory is moving and in demand. Shipping is not an option on whole goods but could always be accommodated by the dealer when you finalize the deal. By placing deposit only on your whole goods, it also allows you to recommend financing terms, warranties and accessories the consumer may not have thought of when they put a deposit. Contact us today for more information or to book a demo!

Parts & Accessories

Your Parts Department! These items are of course sold completely online including shipping. The consumer will be given options for shipping including pickup in store. These can also be integrated using Turnkey DMS Integration which will keep an eye on stock levels. Alternatively, if you are confident that you can deliver what you post we can upload digital CSV catalogues on your behalf. Contact us today for more information or to book a demo!