Turnkey 3PI Syndication

Marketplaces like Kijiji and Autotrader can help you increase product awareness by advertising similar products from competing dealers in one place. Consumers like this because they can shop and easily compare similar units and prices. Merchandising well on these platforms takes patients and time. Some common pain points include:

  • • Remembering Passwords
  • • Remembering Log in Page
  • • Every site loads their ads in a different way!
  • • Toggling between different pages to copy and paste information
  • • Making sure the information is the same everywhere!

You put a lot of work into your descriptions and online merchandising so to have to repeat this process in multiple places and maintain continuity and enthusiasm can be exhausting! With 3PI “Third Party Integration” you can create beautiful displays packed with content, images and video and send this to your other marketplaces! Of course, if they don’t have the ability to display video or any other information that will be omitted from the feed. Changing a price, modifying a description or loading new inventory to multiple locations has never been this easy! Take advantage of Turnkey DMS Integration to make this process even easier! Take deposits on your ads or sell them on your own website by using Turnkey Ecommerce Solution !